Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

“Dr. Welgoss was so nice and helpful. He made me feel so at ease when discussing my medical issues.”

“Kudos to the entire team and of course Dr. Welgoss.”

“I was nervous going to my apt & thank staff for making me feel comfortable. I appreciate it. Thank you.”

“Dr. Welgoss and staff are thoroughly professional in all aspects. Never feel rushed nor uncomfortable when trying to convey reason(s) for visit. No concerns or worries with respect to open transparency on related health issues.”

“Dr. Von Pechmann is an amazing physician. Probably the best I’ve ever seen. And that says a lot considering I’m a registered nurse that has worked with many physicians over the years. The practice is fortunate to have him. And any woman that is under his care is as well.”

“This was my first visit with this practice. I’ve had some rather complicated issues for years and have had such bad experiences with Dr’s who simply don’t seem to have the time or care enough to listen and help that I had simply given up and was trying to live with severe pain and dysfunction. Dr. von Pechman listened carefully and attentively. He was not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, he was kind and concerned about my quality of life as well. For the first time in many years, I have confidence that I will be treated properly and my condition will improve. Cannot recommend this practice highly enough.”

“The nurse who conducted my Urodynamics test was extremely professional, very friendly, knowledgeable and put me at ease for what could have been a very difficult experience.”

“Loved the doctor and the staff. Very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this practice.”

“I loved Dr. H. Wish more doctors were like her.”

“Dr. Horbach is very knowledgeable, both in gynecological matters and follow up treatment. I was very well served by Dr. Horbach, both in surgery and follow up care.”

“Dr. Welgoss is wonderful. I liked everything about him, and the staff was very nice. Thanks very much.”

“Dr. Von Pechmann is an incredible physician and surgeon. A perfect balance of skill, knowledge & empathy for his patients. He recently performed a particularly difficult reconstructive surgery to repair a vaginal prolapse, cyctocyle, rectocyle & enterocyle. It was problematic for years & required repair. Large babies, chronic infection, chronic constipation, back pain, Lupus & blood thinner were complicating factors for me. He and I spent 3yrs. evaluating w/me. I’m forever grateful. Blessed.

“Dr. Horbach and the staff at MAU are helpful, courteous, and compassionate. I love this office because it feels like I’m visiting friends. Dr. Horbach is incredibly gentle, and an expert in her field. I would trust her with my Urogynecological health concerns without question. Thank you for expert care and kindness.”

“Dr. Von Pechmann made me feel comfortable and calm during my appointment. He has a nice demeanor and is very professional.”

“Dr. von Pechmann was absolutely outstanding. He was professional, courteous of my time and concerns, and I never once felt rushed during the appointment. I work in the healthcare field and was surprised to see how much time he spent with me – very personable and kind. I have already highly recommended him to several women I work with and will continue to recommend him and sing his praises moving forward. The office staff I have encountered were also very pleasant and kind!”

“Dr. Welgoss is a perfect example of how I wish all doctors could be. I met him after giving birth to my first and only child. It was a difficult birth and as a result I had a prolapse bladder and uterus. He was caring as well as excellent in his expertise. Dr. Welgoss performed the surgery and was exceptional. Love this man.”

“Excellent care from beginning to end. Dr. Welgoss takes time to
listen. Non- judgmental. Reaches best conclusion for the appropriate care
as an individual not the masses. The best!!!”

“Thorough is an understatement. Highly recommend Dr. Horbach. She’s
unbelievably knowledgeable and has an excellent bedside manner. Worth the
wait for the appt, I’m so relieved to be working towards a treatment,
finally! The staff is equally as attentive. This is THE place to go.”

“I have already referred a friend to Dr. Horbach, she is an
exceptional surgeon.”